Our Miniature Books

Another passion of ours is making miniature books. This is a pleasant process in which you create a wonderful little thing that looks exactly like its larger version but is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Some of our books are available in our Etsy shop.


Each book has more than 100 tiny pages. The letters are small enough for a doll but are recognizable even without a magnifying glass. Our 1/6 scale book measures 1 & 1/16 inches wide by 1&7/16 inches high by 5/16 inch thick and includes a large amount of text.
For example, one of the books contains 3 full Christmas stories by O.Henry. Another our book, Christmas Carols and Songs, contains 23 carols, songs and poems.

Miniature book for Christmas 2
Mini books for Christmas

Jane Austen Collection is most dear to us. Our dolls are true Jane Austen fans, too 🙂
Barbie curvy (Maria)
Miniature Books - Jane Austen Collection
Jane Austen Collection
Each book contains 3-4 chapters from Jane Austen’s novels. Pride and Prejudice contains our favourite extracts from the book: Mr.Darcy’s proposal, his letter to Lizzie and an extract from the end of the book where the main characters tell each other about their feelings.
Miniature Books - Jane Austen Collection
Miniature Books - Jane Austen Collection

Arthur Conan Doyle Collection. Each book contains the full text of a short story about Sherlock Holmes.

We make 1/3 scale books, too.
1/3 scale miniature book
One of the books contains the full text of 10 short stories by different authors and the other one contains the full text of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.
1/3 scale miniature book
1/3 scale miniature book
1/3 scale miniature book

This is how we bind our books 🙂

We want to recreate a lot of other books for our dolls so our collection will keep growing!

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