Carpet for a Dollhouse

It’s easy to make a fluffy thick carpet for your dollhouse or diorama. You can crochet it yourself!

I used a 2,5 mm crochet hook and eyelash yarn for these shag carpets. Long thin eyelashes of the yarn make the rug pile deep and soft. I was very satisfied with the result.
cinderella barbie 2015
Such a rug can be crocheted promptly. I used single crochet stitch which creates a tight, dense fabric. It took me about an hour to complete one rug. A yarn ball is enough to make two doll carpets.
I would recommend you to take bright or dark colors and avoid light ones. If the yarn is light, the pile doesn’t look dense and you can see through the fabric. Eyelash yarn is manufactured in a great variety of colors, even multicolor, you will definitely find something suitable.

These carpets are crocheted from boucle yarn.
There are a lot of types of fancy yarns, so you can try different yarns, crochet hooks/ knitting needles and patterns.

There are other ways to make a carpet. For example, I purchased a latch hook kit which included canvas, pre-cut rug yarn and instructions.

I used embroidery canvas for my first carpet and made loops from crochet thread.

These techniques take more time and effort but allow you to make a carpet with a unique pattern.

Have fun and create something beautiful!

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